Flat Fee Arrangement

Under a flat-fee arrangement, you pay a single fee up-front. You also pay court fees and out-of-pocket costs related to your case. Here is a sample of the fees I charge.

“Simple” Uncontested Divorce – (no children, limited property) – $450
“Less Simple” Uncontested Divorce – (with children,or other issues) – from $650 to $950
Contested Divorce $160 hourly, retainer depending on complexity starting at $950
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Starting at $750
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Starting at $200 down with the remaining statutory fees paid during the life of the Chapter 13 plan
DUI Charges $160 hourly*, retainer depending on complexity starting at $1150
Criminal Matters $160 hourly* retainer depending on complexity starting at $750

*I generally charge a flat fee for DUI and criminal matters. However, these hourly rates are available upon request. Flat fees for criminal matters are dependent on the circumstances of each individual case, and range from $750 to $2500.

These are just examples, and these do not represent the only types of cases I will handle. Your fee might be higher or lower depending on the nature or complexity of the case. In some cases, I will take divorce or custody cases on a structured flat fee basis. A contested divorce or custody case will run anywhere from $1000-$5000 if taken on a flat fee basis, with at least $1000.00 being due up front.


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  2. My wife put approx $30,000 on her credit cards, without my name. I just retired and found out she had done this. Her name is not on the house, cars or other property or bank accounts. She is only a beneficiary.

    Under Utah law, can she file bankruptcy without involving my assets or credit score?

    If she can, we would like to discuss your assistance.

    • It may be possible for her to file bankruptcy without affecting you. but I would need to learn more about her situation. Please feel free to have her call us to schedule a consultation.

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