You don’t have to lose sleep over financial trouble. Call us and we can show you how to erase your debts.

We’re a Salt Lake City bankruptcy law firm, and we help people just like you every day. We help them erase their medical bills and credit card debts, stop foreclosure sales and wage garnishments, repair their credit scores, save money and protect their futures. If you’re like many of our clients you are losing sleep because you can’t keep up with your bills. You may be worried about losing your home, or having your wages garnished. You may be getting harassing phone calls and law suits from debt collectors. You may feel like there is nothing you can do. And that feeling of helplessness may be causing you to drag your feet in looking for help. Now is the time to stop procrastinating and get someone to help you. We can help you fix these problems, but only if you pick up the phone and call us.

If you’re anything like our other clients, you’ve been considering bankruptcy for a long time, but you’ve put off talking to an attorney for one of these reasons:

“I don’t know if bankruptcy is right for me.”

  • You are correct, bankruptcy might not be right for you. But you don’t know for sure until you call us and let us discuss your situation. We can usually tell you over the phone, free of charge, whether bankruptcy is the solution you’re looking for. Give us 5 minutes and we can eliminate your guesswork. So stop making excuses and call us so that we can help you!

“I don’t have the money for an attorney.”

  • In some cases we can arrange payment plans with a small down payment. In other cases we can file your petition for zero money down. Our rates always depend on the type of bankruptcy you are filing, and sometimes we cannot arrange a payment plan. But even in these cases, our fee will pay for itself through immediate relief from garnishments, mortgages, and monthly credit card payments. So stop making excuses and call us so that we can help you!

“I don’t need an attorney to file bankruptcy.”

  • Do you know what adequate protection payments are? Do you know whether you pass the chapter 7 means test? Do you know when the deadline to provide the bankruptcy trustee with copies of your tax returns is? I didn’t think so. If you try to file bankruptcy by yourself, you risk missing deadlines, and filling out the petition incorrectly. I could tell you stories for hours about people who tried to file bankruptcy without the help of a Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Lawyer, and then had their case dismissed, lost their car or their house, or ended up not having some of their debts included in the bankruptcy. The best case scenario is that you end up wasting your time and money on do-it-yourself kits only to finally contact me when you realize you can’t do it alone. We know that you are in a difficult financial situation. But we also know that you only want to have to file bankruptcy once in your life, and you need to have the help of an attorney to make sure that it is done the right way. So stop making excuses and call us so that we can help you!

“I don’t have all of my records, documents and bills. I need to find everything before I call an attorney.”

  • You may need less than you think to get started. Some documents do not need to be provided right away. We have streamlined and perfected our client intake process to make it as easy as possible to get the information we need. Some bankruptcy attorneys will send you home with a 20-page packet to fill out, and ask you to come back with boxes of documents, after all of that work, you might as well fill out the petition yourself and just have them look it over! That is not how we operate. We do as much of the work as we can. After all, it is part of our job, right? Our “packet” is only 3 pages long, and we will only ask you for the records and documents that we absolutely need to get started on your petition. So stop making excuses and call us so that we can help you!

“I’m ashamed of having to file bankruptcy.”

  • There is no shame in asking for help when you are stuck in a situation that you can’t fix by yourself. With the economic climate as bad as it has been, almost all of us are living paycheck to paycheck. Bankruptcy is a legal right that is available to those in need. It is even included in the United States Constitution! Celebrities, millionaires, and multi-national corporations all seek protection under the bankruptcy laws of the United States at the first sign of financial trouble – why shouldn’t you? You might be surprised to learn how common it is to file bankruptcy because it is not something that most people talk about with their neighbors and acquaintances. Chances are you know some people who have done it! So stop making excuses and call us so that we can help you!

“It’s after business hours, I’ll call in the morning.”

  • I have a better idea: call right now. If we happen to be in the office late, we can talk, and then you can rest easily tonight knowing that you’ve found help. If we’re not available, leave a message with your name and number and a good time to call you back. I guarantee you’ll feel better having taken the first step to getting help. So stop making excuses and call us so that we can help you!

Please give us a call for a free consultation right on the phone! If you’re still looking for more information, check out our blog where we have written about every bankruptcy topic you can imagine. And please take a look at the testimonials from all our satisfied clients.